Founded in 1998, MOBILE Installation Technologies (MOBILE)  is the nation’s largest and most trusted provider of Mobile Fleet Installation Services. MOBILE is a professional nationwide fleet installation service provider of vehicle Telematics, GPS systems, video and other mobile technology.

Over the last 25 years, MOBILE has provided deployment services for over 1,100,000 quality installations for customer fleets ranging in size from 50 to 50,000 vehicles dispersed geographically throughout the United States.

We focus on the following business and government enterprises:

  • Delivery & Distribution
  • Private Fleet
  • Telco/Utilities
  • Police/Fire/EMS/First Responder
  • Federal/State/Local Government
  • Construction/Heavy Equipment
  • Education/School Bus
  • Transit/Bus & Rail

We install:

  • GPS Telematics Systems
  • Mobile Routers
  • Mobile Data Terminals (MDT/Docking Stations/Mounts)
  • Rugged Laptops, Tablets, Handhelds, Printers, Scanners
  • Two-way Radio’s (FirstNet enabled and proprietary)
  • Rear View/Backup Camera Systems
  • Mobile Video Recording Systems (DVR/Cameras/Triggers)
  • Power Distribution Systems (Power Plate/WAGO/LIND/Charge Guard)
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition)
  • Mobile Asset Tagging

We offer a wide range of professional services for your fleet deployment needs!

  • Project Management Deployment Services
  • Installation Design & Engineering
  • Product Kitting, Warehousing and Inventory Control
  • De-Installation & Decomissioning Services
  • System Upgrades & Fleet Refresh
  • Fleet Intelligence Services (Data Analytics & Reporting)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Our team has experience with all fleet technology solutions, verticals and extensive experience with all fleet types. Our PEOPLE are the reason for our success and reputation; industry leading technicians led by an experienced project management team providing scale for projects of all sizes and scopes in the mobile fleet solutions business-we deploy the manpower to meet your timeline. Our PEOPLE deliver outstanding quality and results.

  • Quality Workmanship
  • Leadership & Experience
  • Highly Trained Field Technicians
  • Project Deployment Management
  • Dynamic Scheduling & Logistics

Leading to SUPERIOR results!