Nationwide Footprint

MOBILE  Provides deployment services in the lower 48 states

MOBILE Installation Technologies is a professional nationwide fleet installation service provider of vehicle Telematics, GPS systems, video and other mobile technology. Over the last 25 years, MOBILE Installation Technologies has performed services for over 1.3 Million quality installations nationwide!  MOBILE Installation Technologies has performed installation services for customer’s fleets ranging in size from 5 vehicles to the largest fleets in the country, consisting of 30,000 or more vehicles.

  • All projects include an assigned project manager responsible for interfacing with fleet client personnel and manages all aspects of project deliverables consisting of installation design, scheduling, fleet testing, and installation personnel management.
  • MOBILE’s project management services team designs a fleet appropriate installation methodology to meet client requirements.
  • Includes a pilot installation test and methodology confirmation in specific fleet vehicles.
  • Includes, when appropriate, wiring, and mounting schematics and installation manuals.
  • Large multi-state, geographically diverse fleets may require equipment kitting services, warehousing, and inventory shipments to client fleet locations.
  • Most installation deployment projects require the removal of existing fleet equipment to allow for installation of new technology.
  • MOBILE provides these services by equipment type, mounting locations, and cabling routes.
  • MOBILE also provides SIM removal services when required.
  • MOBILE uploads all vehicle specific installation data to a Smartsheet database.
  • MOBILE makes all Smartsheet data collected available to all fleet clients’ project manager via user authenticated access.
  • MOBILE provides a fleet project specific dashboard for quick and accurate presentation of fleet data metrics.
  • All invoicing is tied directly to Smartsheet data metrics.
  • In some cases, large projects require post deployment services to ensure installed equipment functionality.
  • SLA’s cover everything from break/fix service ticket dispatch to scheduled preventive maintenance programs.
  • SLA’s normally cover 12 to 36 months.
  • MOBILE works with most fleet services management platforms and their trouble ticket systems.