Our experienced project management staff and highly trained installation technician teams have a proven track record since 1998 of successfully completing over 1,000 projects exceeding 1.3 million installations.


MOBILE’s ability to scale nationwide for any size project is demonstrated below with some of our larger deployments:

31,000 Telco vehicles for SBC – 2000-2001

  • Panasonic Toughbook Rugged Laptop deployment with Gamber cradle floor mount and Brother printer. Still the largest single Toughbook commercial fleet deployment to date

475 Tractors with flatbed trailers for World Trade Center Recovery Project – 2001

  • Design and installation of a trigger cable to detect disconnect of the 7-pole cable connector between the tractor and the flatbed

23,600 Telco, Cable, and Freight trucks for General Dynamics / Itronix- 2003-2009

  • Installation of Gobook Rugged Laptops nationwide

147,370 Cubic Yards of debris hauled for Hurricane Katrina Clean-up Project for US Army Corps of Engineers – 2005-2006

  • Assembled 32 crews each equipped with 12-20 workers, 5-8 dump trucks, a grappler, two skid- steers, and a front-end loader

150,000+ Feet of FTTP Underground Cable placement for SBC and Verizon– 2005-2008

  • Underground Horizontal Boring of Fiber-to-the-Premise along residential streets

16,100 Trucks and Chippers for ASPLUNDH– 2009-10

  • Deployment of Telogis’ telematics system on ASPLUNDH vegetation utility trucks and chippers

6,000 USPS mail trailers for General Electric– 2006-2008

  • Installation of GE’s trailer monitoring Telematics system for United States Postal Service mail trailers owned by various US Mail transport firms, nationwide

8,130+ Trucks for Coca Cola– 2012-2013

  • Telogis Telematics, Nationwide

2,200 Troop vehicles for Florida Highway Patrol – 2018

  • i-PRO Refresh deployment of Panasonic Arbitrator Mk4 360 system with complete de-installation of old system

13,615 Utility trucks and trailers for Utilimarc power company customers– 2017-2022

  • Installation deployment of Cal-Amp, Zonar, or GeoTab Telematics systems into the multiple fleets

4,710 School buses, Utility trucks, and Police vehicles for CDWG– 2017-2023

  • Installation deployments of video, telematics, and/or router systems into the multiple fleets

272+ Military Police vehicles for i-PRO– 2019-2021

  • Multi-year i-Pro Panasonic Arbitrator Video Mk4 with rear Vault Telematics deployment in MFleet police vehicles

8,044 Construction, Boom, Trailers, Equipment and Utility Trucks for Centuri Group– 2021

  • Samsara Telematics installation deployment with Samsara inventory warehousing management and distribution

3,120+ Trucks for Texas DOT– 2015                                                                                                                                       

  • Deployment of Zone Defense back-up Cameras                                                                                                                            

866 Police and Fire vehicles for MOTOROLA– 2021-2022

  • Motorola radio upgrades in existing and new vehicles for Snohomish County, WA

619 Transit Buses for TriMet (Portland, OR)– 2021-2022

  • Synnex/TIG/Converge Project installing new DIGI wireless router with internal and external antennas