Install 8,300 plus MDT’s (Mobile Data Terminals) into a mobile Telco service fleet in two months. Impossible you say? Not hardly considering it’s the same company that was told it was impossible to install 32,000 plus vehicles for SBC in 9 months. And they pulled that off like a champ.

PacBell Telephone (Now SBC)

Within the first two hours Mobile Installation Technologies came up with a simple solution to our trailer connect issue, and in the process saved us $45,000 in cabling and connector costs!

Yorum Shalmon
Director of Product Management
PowerLOC Technologies / World Trade Center Recovery Effort

We have learned more from Mobile Installation Technologies about our logistics in the last 15 hours than we have the last 6 weeks.

Rebecca Clough
Program Director, NY DDC - (Department of Design & Construction)
World Trade Center Recovery Effort

"Thank you for this summary report and thanks for doing this whole project the right way. Congrats on its completion today.
You guys really do make my life so much easier. Whenever we deal with retrofit projects (not very often), I know I can count on you guys! In the past I’ve dealt with others and have had sleepless nights from angry customers not satisfied with installs.

Reports like the one attached really set MIT apart and show your professionalism…. and shows you care!

Thank you for making me and Zone Defense look good.”

Dan Camm
VP US Sales
Zone Defense

Commendation for Service Performed in the Pacific Region.

I would like to personally thank you and your excellent team of professional installers for a successful pre-deployment effort in the 4th quarter of 2000. Our stellar success would not have been achieved without your input and dedication to delivering a quality product into our fleet of installation and maintenance vehicles.

When we first met in October to plan this massive installation, we all understood that this would not be an easy undertaking. Both our teams were apprehensive as to whether we could overcome the challenge presented to us, but were determined to find a solution. We had 8,300 vehicles of different makes and models scattered among 168 different Field Operation Centers in California and Nevada to be installed during nighttime hours only, and we had sixty working days to do it with only two weeks to prepare. On top of all this, we had a negative perception to overcome in the field due to a similar vendor not performing to standards at the time. Both our teams knew we had one shot to get this right.

Your installation teams tackled these challenges with the same professional courtesy that we demand from our own technician’s, and their ability to adapt was incredible. One recurring comment I heard from our field managers was that they appreciated the time your teams took to pre-inspect the vehicle before beginning your work, and then doing a post-inspection that all was still operational upon completion. Another was your team’s ability to manage our fleet key inventory by placing them into individual manila envelopes on the vehicle windshield, and then returning them to the field managers upon completion. As you are aware, these were the two biggest items of apprehension from the field, and your attention to detail overcame these issues. I also received many complements regarding the professional appearance of the installers and the cleanliness of the work they performed.

I can personally say that as a core support team person who fought in the trenches daily next to many of your team’s that I was truly impressed as well. Even when we were working 24 hours a day in some instances and in the cold and the rain, the sense of camaraderie and esprit de corps was never dampened. Your teams knew what their goal was, and nothing was going to stop them from achieving it. I also appreciate the fact that both of you gentlemen joined us in the field to do onsite quality reviews and coaching. I smile when I think back to when we thought 30 vehicles a night was a lofty goal, and then watched as your installers regularly topped this target by doing 45 per night without compromising quality.

As we move forward into 2001 with the full deployment of our project, I eagerly await the opportunity to again work in the field with you and your teams, and expect that our future will be as successful as our past.

Thank you.

Ken Fridley
Pacific Deployment Coordinator - Technician Of the Future
Pacific Bell

I have worked closely with Pete Montgomery and his team at MIT over the past 2 years as we swapped over 17,000 telematics units.

The MIT team has been extremely professional during this transition and has assisted Asplundh in all our requests for data tracking, revisits, and troubleshooting hardware during this time.

The MIT team have a very strong grasp of the hardware, vehicles and installation processes expected for our telematics conversion. They make themselves available for all our standing status calls, as well as provide input during strategy planning sessions with our Regions in the field.

As the job of swapping thousands of devices in the field is not an easy task, Asplundh relied on the expertise of MIT to handle the difficult nature of finding and scheduling with our field. Throughout the process, MIT seamlessly handled each Region they were assigned and provided Asplundh the comfort that the installations and swaps being performed out in the field were in safe hands.

In closing, I would like to restate my strong support for Mobile Installation Technologies.

I am confident the professionalism and experience MIT brings to the table regarding installations, the diligence of scheduling, their time management and quality of work will provide AEP the vendor needed for the task.


Mark Blaszczyk Manager, Fleet & Procurement Services Analytics
Asplundh Tree Experts, LLC

Mark Blaszczyk
Manager, Fleet & Procurement Services Analytics
Asplundh Tree Experts, LLC

I wanted to thank you for your cooperation and great partnership this year. I really appreciate you and your team’s efforts – the work ethic, determination, problem solving, flexibility, and good will working with us on the deployments. You have a fantastic team. Chris and Richard have been outstanding to work with and, as I have shared with Richard, it feels like we are one team working together as opposed to two teams working on a project. Zack Schultz has been amazing working as the on-site PM/coordinator and the installation technicians have done great work throughout.

We are looking forward to continuing to work together in 2024.

Doug Magee
Sr. Project Manager
Southern Company

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for putting me in contact with Pete Montgomery of Mobile Install USA. We contracted with Pete and his group to handle a nationwide rollout of our new telematics system. I have to say, we were all dreading this project as the size and scope is truly daunting. We interviewed a couple of different options but kept going back to Pete and his group due to their professionalism, persistence and pricing. I can't tell you all the hoops Pete, Richard Poole (project manager extraordinaire) and his team jumped through to make sure we started when we wanted to and finished within the ever evolving schedule.

Long story short, Pete, Richard and their team jumped every hurdle we threw at them and came through with flying colors. Their teams showed up on site with proper PPE, nailed the unit counts we were looking for and completed each install in a professional and consistent manner. I'm not one who recommends many companies as most do nothing to stand out above the others. Mobile Install USA most certainly did this. I would have no issue recommending Pete and his team to any of my peers and we are considering them for a roll out of some additional off-road units.

Thank you Scott and Pete. It's great when you can match people up and get the job done.

Al Lescher
Fleet Business Manager
Aldredge Electric